Removing the RipoffReport

RipoffReport can cause a serious damage to the reputation of an individual or a business house. When you contact us to take care of the RipoffReport, then we use the following methods to do the same:

  1. De- Indexing – When we start to remove the negative feedback, we delete them completely off from the Google’s search index. This means that if anyone is going to look for the feedback again, he won’t be able to find it. We have various methods that we follow to make sure all the defamatory and false posts are removed and we keep them from coming back.
  1. Push Down – In this method, we push down all the negative feedback on the bottom of the page that hides it from the user, who visits the page of the section. This not helps you to boost the positivity of the content, but it also allows us to hide the complaints deeper into the results that are reflected over the search engine.
  1. PR – In this service we write articles for you that get reflected in the popular sites like Forbes.com, Patch.com, and Examiner.com that helps you to get positive reviews. If you are looking forward to create a good platform for the company what will give you the right start, then this is the perfect choice for you. This also curbs down the affects of Rip off and keeps it at the low till they are gone completely.

The more you will be able to give the negative reviews away from the people, the more it is going to benefit you in the longer run. When anyone is going to make the search on Google, all they care is of the first page and 90% of the people never go beyond the first five or six results. When the negative content is pushed down deeper to the pages, you can be sure that it will have a positive impact on your business for good.

Removing A Customer Who Is Pissed

PissedConsumer.com provides a platform to all those customers and clients who are not happy with their experience with a particular company and they can use this site to give their reviews on the same. Though this might have started with an intention to give the user a right way to express them, PissedConsumer.com is not being used to lash out on business houses and individual with too much of negativity that might be entirely wrong. Is there are too many wrong complaints, then it can affect the reputation of the business.

When you contact us to remove all the negative feedback from PissedConsumer.com, then we use all the right expertise that we have to help you. We use three of our most trusted methods to remove all the complaints that are hampering the sales and the reputation of the business. As our services are guaranteed, you can be sure of the results we provide.

  1. Delete – In this method, we delete the reviews from Pissed Consumer completely. Once the negative feedback is removed from the site, then it won’t be updated into the feed of the user when he is going to go through the page. The page on the Google gets update within 6 hours of the removal and the links are completely removed from the search engine as well.
  1. De- Indexing – Using this method, we get rid of all the listings that may be having a negative impact on your site. Once the indexes are removed, you can be sure that they don’t get reflected on Google’s search index. We work round the clock to make sure that our clients get the best result.
  1. Push Down – At times when you remove a certain link using the de-indexing, the user might be able to link it with some another and there might be chances of it getting read again. If you are going to opt for the push down along with the de-indexing, then you can be sure that the negative complaint or the link is pushed deeper down to the search engine, where it will not be visible to the user who is reading the reviews. As we all know, almost 90% of the people don’t ever go to the second page of the search results, you can be sure that they don’t read the comments once they are pushed down.
  1. PR – In this method, we use lot of positive articles on the sites like Forbes.com, Patch.com, and Examiner.com to ensure that your company gets a lot of positive feedback from the customers. The more positive publicity you are going to have, the more it will help you to garner more sales across segments. This way, you will be able to get rid of the negative reviews across all the links and it will help you to strengthen the reputation of the brand. It offers you a great way to connect with the customers where they could read positive news on the products or the services that you have on offer.